“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals.” – Jean Vanier


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Empowering and accelerating the female pursuit of more than just STEAM fields, either recreationally or professionally through conversation, education, outreach, sponsorship, and networking.


Transforming the world to support women to pursue careers and lifestyles that step away from the traditional. It’s OUR time.


Abingdon Foundation strives to influence, encourage and embolden women in their pursuits of extraordinary lives through sponsorships, community outreach & networking opportunities.

Registered 501(c)(3)

Abingdon Foundation is a Nevada State registered non-profit 501(c)(3) where any in-kind or monetary donations are tax-deductible. Any donations of any value will be accompanied with a receipt for your tax purposes.

5 Ways We Give Back

Abingdon Foundation offers scholarships to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) industry conferences and events. Scholarships are not awarded in cash but are instead awarded as a package that includes full event entry and registration, travel costs including transportation, hotel, mentoring/networking assistance, and educational opportunities. The intent of the scholarship is to foster support, create opportunities, and inspire the winner to pursue work and hobbies in the STEAM fields.

The “It’s About Time Scholarship” is overseen by Abingdon Foundation. Along with access to seminars and multiple networking opportunities, the winner will be introduced to key people in the field who will share their experiences. Applicants are not required to be experienced in the particular industry. The goal is to invite someone to see all of the different avenues and opportunities in that field.  

The criterion is simple:
The applicant chooses the format for their application, but it must be of some contribution to Abingdon Foundation so that we may be of better service to others. We encourage contributions of real or physical items such as a product or completed online content. Ideas and concepts are not acceptable- we want to see and use finished work! Previous entries have included stickers, essays and poems, videos, polished marketing plans, and even jewelry! The person who exhibits the most passion and purpose towards both the industry and the Foundation will be our awardee. Multiple ideas or submissions are encouraged. 

A complete scholarship application entry includes two things:
► Any application item (sticker, video, poem, essay, product, or other complete, real item) which must be received by Abingdon Foundation no later than the entry deadline. 
► A completed application form. This form link will be provided by Abingdon Foundation during active scholarship openings. The form gathers information about you so that we can get to know your background.

When completing the application, we encourage our scholarship applicants to think about these questions: 
► What would you do that will prove that you are the one to attend the conference and be introduced to key figures in the industry? 
► What is that personal flair or skill that you possess that can be utilized by the Abingdon Foundation? 

Abingdon Foundation is dedicated to education and outreach. We have often spoken at schools, provided keynote speakers for webinars and online training, and spoken to media outlets about STEAM opportunities for girls and women. You might find us at airshows, museums, conferences, tech seminars, scuba classes, and other adventurous activities. We’ve fielded a number of requests for interviews, mentoring, and guest experts at events. We like to do interesting things to share our message. Try us! We want to interact with your organization. You inspire us, too.

We’ve created our website to be a portal of information, mentoring, and product sharing by others. We provide a multitude of resources for free on our website. Search our site for scholarships, blog posts, items for sale, resume help, industry event information, and educational resources. We share free educational activities sponsored by other organizations as well. In fact, our website itself is a resource for you. You can post an ad or resource on our website for free! 

Abingdon Foundation has created many Career Guide Pamphlets and has a forthcoming STEAM Activity Book. We have created Fact Sheets for various STEAM industry careers and hobbies. These are all available on our website, and the PDF version is available by email. More resources are added regularly to our website. 

Abingdon Foundation also partners with several organizations for product discounts and promotions. We share a multitude of resources and information via social media, so don’t forget to follow us there.

Together we are smarter, stronger, and happier. Networking is an important way to empower and accelerate your career. It provides new paths forward. We have helped hundreds of people connect and build larger networks, link up with mentors, and meet some interesting STEAM professionals. It’s our passion. You will find Abingdon Foundation board members, crew members, and past scholarship winners at a variety of events. We’re interested in all the STEAM fields, and we’d love to be connected with you or your organization too. Just reach out.

We engage with the community at events such as conferences and webinars. We share our story in media outlets to connect with others and invite you into our community. Please join us on social media, post a request, resource or ad on our website, or shoot us an email to let us know how we can help.

Below are examples of several of the podcasts and articles where we have shared our mission: 
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We are active online and want to engage with you!
Facebook: @abingdonfdn
Instagram: @abingdonfdn
Twitter: @abingdonfdn
LinkedIn Business Page: Abingdon Foundation


Our future goal is to build the largest online free resource to anyone looking to learn about opportunities in STEAM. Help be a part of the movement with your donation.


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